Auto Insurance Coverage You May Not Know

Every valuable should be safeguarded from harm. Residential properties, jewelries, and automobiles need to carry a specific insurance so that the owner can use it without unnecessary thoughts. This is true among people who carry auto insurance. A car is a property worth safeguarding as it does not come cheap. With the wide coverage of auto insurance, it may be hard to understand the scenarios where the Houston auto insurance can be taken advantage of.

Comprehensive Coverage

A comprehensive coverage is used to correct the physical damages incurred in a vehicle—except collision. Thus, this insures a truck, van, or even a motorcycle of a monetary or service compensation whenever physical damages happen. The amount of the coverage will depend on the type of insurance a person has. Usually, full auto insurance comes with comprehensive packages.

When Vehicles Collide

Collision is one of the most fearful incidents no one wants to happen. Collision cases have different coverage and this usually is purchased along with the comprehensive package. In this coverage, a damaged vehicle—no matter what the cause is—will be insured via monetary or service packages.


Dealing with Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist

This happens when an insured driver had an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist. This is one of the coverage that most people overlook but which needs consideration. When this case happen, the uninsured motorist will be responsible for the damages but the actual monetary damages take a long process. As a result, the insured driver gets all the hassles.


Towing is commonly included in Houston auto insurance. However, it is good to know the specific location of towing. It is truly bothersome when the insured person is stranded in a location without any roadside assistance.

Car Rental

This is an option that most auto insurance agents recommend. Car rental insurance is ideal for people who always go traveling out of town. Car rental insurance usually is included in a full coverage auto insurance.

There are other coverage included in Houston auto insurance such as full glass coverage, OEM endorsements, vanishing deductible, and so much more. Learn your options. Go to


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