Interesting Insurance Stories You Have Never Heard Of

It is hard to predict your future. This is the reason why insurances exist. Insurance will ensure the protection of your home and your family, making it one of the necessities in life.

There are a lot of insurances out there – even equipment and gadgets are being insured nowadays. The Galveston insurance has different variations of their coverage, so anyone can obtain a rate that their clients can afford. However, even with flexible coverage, there are also claims that go beyond comprehension. In fact, it tickles the funny bones of some insurance companies.

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Here are some surprising and interesting stories about insurance that will truly amuse you:

Christian-Centered Claims

Faith and religion somehow made it to the top of the outrageous claims list. One of the insurance provider experienced being asked to cover financial help in the second coming of Jesus Christ. This suggestion is from one of the customers who believe that one of their church members might immaculately conceive a child, Jesus Christ.

Wedding Party Insurance

Wedding parties are truly expensive and that is why many companies offer a wedding insurance. In this world where the fee of wedding planners skyrockets over the past few years, there is now an existing insurance that will cover the bride and the groom in case one of them leaves the altar. The coverage includes psychological test and counseling.

Spiritual Attack Insurance

This is a great insurance for people who are fond of watching horror and sci-fi movies. The ghostly, slimy creatures can no longer hide under the bed as there is a policy the covers for it. These policies are now offered by a few insurance providers – one of which claims selling 30,000 plans just for it! The insurance will cover those who may be a killed of wandering ghosts or bad spirits.

Meteor Collision

With all the scientific evidences of a meteor hitting the earth, the end of the world may truly be near. This made some insurance provider establish a policy to protect someone from getting hurt, or killed, with the earth-meteor collision.

These insurance claims and policies will truly tickle your funny bones but hey, there is no harm in getting one right? Just make sure to prioritize the basic Galveston insurance first.


Effective Ways to Reduce Your Home Insurance Cost

Admit it or not, home insurance is a costly endeavor; hence, as much as possible, you need to make the most out of it. One of the most common concerns in Galveston Home Insurance is the cost that goes with it. Good thing, there is a way to reduce the cost of home insurance. Here are the effective ways to do so.

1. Buy your homeowner insurance and your other insurance from one company only. It pays to be loyal, and when the company sees it, they may offer you great discounts. Most of the time, companies do offer affordable rates when you acquire two or more kinds of products from them. Just like any other businesses, companies offer discounts on bulk ordering than retail.

2. Remember the coverage cost more than the market value. Although it is important to take a look at the market value of your home, it is more important to determine the coverage cost of your home insurance. This will ensure that your valuable will be protected in case something happens.

3. Install security tools. These include burglar alarms, CCTV, and other security tools. These gadgets usually are included in the insurance discount.

4. If you cannot do bulk ordering by insurance, do this by group. You can join groups or ask the participation of your family and friends to obtain a home insurance. More people mean more revenues, and insurance companies love that. You can get lower insurance rates from it.

5. Ask the insurance company if there is a government-backed insurance coverage. This is true to homes located in high-risk places. There are insurance plans covered by the government and you may want to review them to lessen the cost of your coverage.

6. Ask for other discounts. Insurance companies will never reveal all insurances. Be sure to ask for all options available. For example, the rate of insurance is different with retirees than with those who still work.

These are the practical tips to lessen the cost of your Galveston Home Insurance. To know more of what you can do, talk to the experts at Rene Toman Insurance Agency. You may also visit their website for more details:

What You Need To Know About Motorcycle Insurance

The increasing demands of motorcycles paved the way for insurance companies to create another kind of auto insurance, which is motorcycle insurance. However, not all companies offer the same coverage that is why it may be difficult to decide the best insurance for you. Motorcycle insurance is just as important as any other auto insurance in Houston. It is a way to protect you and your motorcycle in case something unlikable happens.


Motorcycle Insurance Coverage


The coverage of motorcycle insurance is just the same with any other auto insurance. However, for the sake of information, here is the different coverage offered:


  • Liability Insurance – this will cover the damages or injury on any properties at the owner’s fault. Accidents and collisions actually are more frequent in motorcycle owners than any other vehicles. This coverage is ideal to pay the damages caused by the owner without spending too much money. However, remember that this insurance will not cover the damages acquired by the owner – some policies cover the injuries inflicted to the passenger.


  • Collision Insurance – collision can happen anytime and anywhere. Collision insurance will assure the owner that the motorcycle will be covered in case accidents happened. The damage can be covered even if the owner is at fault.


  • Comprehensive Insurance – natural calamities and other accidents can inflict damages on the motorcycle. Having comprehensive insurance that covers these kinds of catastrophes is a definite advantage especially when the owner is residing in a location with drastic changes of weather. Other coverage provided by comprehensive insurance are vandalism, fire, theft or lost.


You can choose the coverage that will cater to your needs but ideally, you may want to be protected at all times. There are different companies that offer auto insurance in Houston and provide all types of coverage at an affordable rate. When looking for insurance companies, review the quotes that they provide and never be afraid to negotiate. It makes sense to only pay what you can afford so you will not have to work hard to make ends meet.