Interesting Insurance Stories You Have Never Heard Of

It is hard to predict your future. This is the reason why insurances exist. Insurance will ensure the protection of your home and your family, making it one of the necessities in life.

There are a lot of insurances out there – even equipment and gadgets are being insured nowadays. The Galveston insurance has different variations of their coverage, so anyone can obtain a rate that their clients can afford. However, even with flexible coverage, there are also claims that go beyond comprehension. In fact, it tickles the funny bones of some insurance companies.

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Here are some surprising and interesting stories about insurance that will truly amuse you:

Christian-Centered Claims

Faith and religion somehow made it to the top of the outrageous claims list. One of the insurance provider experienced being asked to cover financial help in the second coming of Jesus Christ. This suggestion is from one of the customers who believe that one of their church members might immaculately conceive a child, Jesus Christ.

Wedding Party Insurance

Wedding parties are truly expensive and that is why many companies offer a wedding insurance. In this world where the fee of wedding planners skyrockets over the past few years, there is now an existing insurance that will cover the bride and the groom in case one of them leaves the altar. The coverage includes psychological test and counseling.

Spiritual Attack Insurance

This is a great insurance for people who are fond of watching horror and sci-fi movies. The ghostly, slimy creatures can no longer hide under the bed as there is a policy the covers for it. These policies are now offered by a few insurance providers – one of which claims selling 30,000 plans just for it! The insurance will cover those who may be a killed of wandering ghosts or bad spirits.

Meteor Collision

With all the scientific evidences of a meteor hitting the earth, the end of the world may truly be near. This made some insurance provider establish a policy to protect someone from getting hurt, or killed, with the earth-meteor collision.

These insurance claims and policies will truly tickle your funny bones but hey, there is no harm in getting one right? Just make sure to prioritize the basic Galveston insurance first.


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