Basics in Renewing your Insurance Policy


It is crucial to have an insurance that can give you protection you need for your future. Without it, it seems like you are living in a very difficult stage of your life. Insurance is the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another in exchange for payment. An insurer, or insurance carrier, is a company selling the insurance; the insured, or policyholder, is the person or entity buying the insurance policy.

Any insurance policy is required as a renewal. An insurance renewal is the standard length of time an insurance policy is in effect without the insurance company adjusting your rate. Of course, once you renew it, there are probably some changes on its rules and regulations unlike on the agreement that you have been took before. You will receive a declaration page along with other information explaining your policy. New proofs of insurance are usually enclosed with the renewal information.

When do you think will be time to renew your insurance policy? Remember that the renewal date of your policy usually based upon the date your policy took effect. The other factor in determining your renewal date is the length of your policy period. The policy insurance are basically renewed annually that locked in for a full year or semi-annually which is very common in renewing policy every six months.

What are the things you need to do when renewing your insurance? The first thing you need to do is to review or examine your policy. Your renewal period is the best day to review your policy to verify discounts or to make changes to coverage. It is also the good time to contact your insurance agent as well. In addition, you also need to consider right payment. If you pay, your payment notifies the insurance company that you want to continue the policy. It is equally important to cancel your insurance policy if you do not want to continue because some companies do extend a grace period and may charge you for the grace period if you do not notify them of cancellation.

If you want to know more about insurances, or if you want to purchase new insurance policy, consult Galveston insurance professional agents of Rene Toman Insurance Agency at (281)332-3559. You can also use our contact form to submit your detailed concerns for an immediate response of one or our insurance agents.

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How to Ensure Your Family and Your Own Protection?

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Many of the people nowadays are already owned their homes but they don’t have any home insurance yet. Some of them are just starting to purchase one and the rest; they don’t even care. If you already own a home, you probably have homeowner’s insurance to ensure your protection as well as with your family and belongings in times of an unexpected event. Many people thought that it is costly and they cannot afford it. But they don’t even understand first the benefits they can achieve and the policy that is really worth before saying a nonsense answer. They can only be getting realized it once they experience the event that they wish not to be happened.

If you already have the existing insurance for your home and for your family, the thing you need to consider is to understand and examine its policy actually covers. There are the policies and sometimes you don’t have it yet that you may be interested in. These include fire, lighting, wind, theft, hail, aircraft, vehicle, vandalism, explosion, smoke, riots, and exclusions. Each of these policies is playing certain roles for your protection.

When it comes to your property, you need to look for the covered and what liable for if someone is injured on your property. This usually varies from policy to policy that really needs a proper inspection for your coverage. Remember that the possible type of coverage you will typically find are very profitable for you, such as loss of use that cover additional costs, personal property and belongings which usually set the percentage of the building amount, dwelling and other structures that additional external structures on your property is covered, personal liability that involves when someone takes legal action against you for an injury on your property, and medical expenses in case you or your family member encountered a minor injury on your property.

What kind of insurance do you need? To drastically ease your worries for you protection, consult and trust the Galveston insurance policies of Rene Toman Insurance Agency to your single insurance resource that can offer you’re the satisfying insurance you desire. Contact us today and start to not be worried because we will help for your protection until the end.

Various Types of Insurance and its Importance

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Insurance is a crucial part of your protection. Without it, you may not know what would be your life in the future, just for your own and your family’s security. It is the equitable transfer of the risk of the loss, from one entity to another in exchange payment. It is form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss. There are methods and types of insurance that people must be aware of.

For the methods of insurance, we need to consider co-insurance, dual insurance, self-insurance, and reinsurance. These methods are not common to the other people that are not aware of various insurances. On the other hand, people are much aware of the types of insurance like the following below:

  • Gap insurance- covers the excess amount on your auto loan in assistance where your insurance company does not cover the entire loan.
  • Health insurance- covers the cost of medical treatment and the hospital bill and most of the health insurance is a part of an employer’s benefits.
  • Accident, sickness and unemployment insurance- covers disability insurance, total permanent disability insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance.
  • Casualty insurance-insures against accidents that can be classified, such as auto insurance, workers compensation, and some liabilities insurance.
  • Auto insurance- covers the property for damage to or theft of the car, liability coverage and the medical coverage in case of accidents.
  • Life insurance-one of the most common for most of the people in the world. It provides a monetary benefit to a descendent family or other designated beneficiaries.
  • Burial insurance- one of the common insurance for seniors. It covers a very old type of life insurance which is paid out upon death.
  • Property insurance- includes aviation insurance, boiler insurance, builder’s risk insurance, crop insurance, earthquake insurance, fidelity bond, flood insurance, home insurance, landlord insurance, marine insurance, surety bond, terrorism insurance, and a lot more.

If you want to know some policy of insurance you want, Galveston Insurance of Houston Auto and Home Insurance can help you to achieve the kind of policy insurance you want for your security. To discuss the insurance you want, feel free to contact us at (281) 332-3599 or you can visit our website for more details about our insurance policy, such as auto insurance and home insurance that many people want them to have.

Home Insurance: Common Household Issues

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Home insurance is definitely crucial and very effective in a homeowner better future. It refers to insurance that covers various aspects of their home and belongings. However, sometimes some policies divided into separate sections. Not all policyholders will be covered under both sections. It is potential to purchase a content-only or a building-only policy.

There are several household issues you must be considered while or before purchasing a home insurance to be must aware to the coverage or policy you can get from the agency.

  1. We cannot control natural disasters. If you are afraid to suffer in this kind of situation, you must take the advantage of grabbing the opportunity to purchase a policy that can cover storm damage claims.
  2. Pests are very dangerous to our health; you can also find a policy that pest control or management is covered.
  3. When claiming, don’t change your story. Make sure that it was really happened to avoid troubles.
  4. Make sure to have the proper locks on your house to avoid burglars to break in your home. If your house is insured, burglars may be alarmed that the house is not safe for them and can get easily catch by authorities.
  5. When you are planning to have a vacation, just keep it a secret or sealed you lips. Burglars have big radars to those people that are getting away for their travel or trip vacation.
  6. Keep or make your house keys safe. Don’t let your keys leave into any places at home or at your workplace. You must take the key as much as possible onto your body. Thieves are very clever so don’t leave your keys somewhere obvious or commo0nly used by the other homeowners.
  7. Install a CCTV cam if possible.

In Galveston Home Insurance you can possibly get the policy that can meet your requirements for you better and safety living. We can offer policy that can definitely give the full satisfaction you want. We have friendly, knowledgeable and reliable insurance agents that you can really trust.

To determine the policy you desire, call Rene Toman Insurance Agency today at (281) 332-3559 or you are free to fill out our contact form by visiting our website and to find out more interesting information you may be interested in.

Common Types of Insurance

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It is definitely difficult to face your future without any securities or benefits you can trust. How can you survive for your senior years if you don’t have any insurance? What if you don’t have any other savings or income after retirement? These are the possible questions you can consider if you need to life security.

An insurance is a contract (policy) in which an individual or entity financial protection or reimbursement against losses from an insurance company. But remember that prices vary from one insurance company to the next, so you must pick the right one for you.

There are possible insurances that we categorized into various types:

  • Personal Insurances. A kind of insurance purchased for personal or family protection purposes as contrasted with insurance of business property or interests. Its policy covered various categories, including old age or disability, unemployment or job retirement, occupational pension plan, accident, health, maternity, and income compensation ordinance.
  • Home Insurance. It is a form of property insurance designed to protect an individual’s home against damages to the house itself, or to possessions in the home. It also provides liability coverage against accident in the home or on the property as well as with the tenant if the property is a dwelling unit.
  • Auto Insurance. This is a kind of policy purchased by vehicle owners to lessen costs accomplice with getting into an unexpected event like car accident.
  • Travel Insurance. A kind of insurance designed to cover the costs and reduce the risk accomplices with unexpected events during the travel domestic or international.

Most of the common insurances nowadays are auto and home insurance. If you own a car or a new car owner it is probably needed to get an auto insurance. On the other hand, people who owned or renting a house should consider home insurance for their protection as well as with their family premises. When you purchase the kind of insurance you need, you secure peace of mind. You know that your family would be fully protected as well as with your properties and belongings. Life is so short and we cannot predict anything that would be occurred in our lives. So if you are still looking for a trusted Galveston County Windstorm Insurance in your region for your homes even you are just a renter, make sure that you will pick the right one to prevent serious problems or disappointments.

Houston Auto and Home Insurance is a certified insurance company for many years. We are the one you are seeking for. To contact us, please reach us at (281) 332-3559, or you can visit our website if you prefer to fill out our contact form. Call us now and we will make your life security complete!

Be Wise! Be secured With the Right Home Insurance!

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Do you own the space where you are currently living? Are you buying a new house? Or are you just renting? Are you looking for a better benefit and policy as a homeowner? You probably need security for your peaceful way of living. Having home insurance is the best you really need to do for your home security as well as with your family.

Remember that your home is most likely the largest financial investment you’ve ever made. It’s where you and your family come and stay to rest, to relax and recharge, and to keep its members attachment. It is probably difficult to imagine of being a homeless that you mostly cry on every single minute of your day.

Being insured is the best satisfaction of your life. “Do I really need it?” This is just the common question some uninsured homeowners usually ask if they heard about home insurance or if someone persuades them to have it. Yes, it is definitely important to avoid regrets, especially for your family protection.

Weather, crime, water damage, and accidents can greatly affect or damage your home and your possessions. So you cannot control it from happening. Home Insurance can make sure your life goes on when devastation occurs, and can make sure you get the right coverage that best fits you need.

In the insurance business, insurance policy does not necessarily cover all risks. For example, in the different states of America, hurricane is one of the worst weather that can strongly give serious and major home damage.  The presence of hurricane demonstrable does not mean that the damage caused by the hurricane can cover everything, and even if damaged is caused by a risk covered by the policy, it may not be covered. In such a way, homeowners are much wiser today and level up their knowledge in purchasing home insurance.

In fact, many homeowners most likely to deal with local insurance agents in handling home insurance properly. One of the best local insurance you can find and trust is the Galveston Home Insurance.

To check the benefits and policy of Galveston home insurance, call Houston Auto and Home Insurance, now. Attentive professional consultant or agent can surely assist and provide you with the most affordable options for policies to get the coverage you need.

Galveston Insurance, The Security You Can Trust!

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It is unusual that you’ll need every insurance product on the market, even if you could afford them all. Some people has been achieved it successfully and other’s failed. They have been doing it in an improper way.  Is it really important to be insured in any ways? Or just let your offsprings take care everything for you in the future?

Many people are having trouble to have a good security for their future and even for their properties. But what kind of insurance do you really need?

There are many kinds of insurances you can have but based on the kind of security you need. Basically, life insurance is really necessary. It is never a fun conversation to have. But when you sit and talk with one of the convincing agents, you may find that life insurance is something not only you need, but also the thing that you truly want. You may really want it to protect your family, dependents, business, and legacy.

On the other hand, there are other insurance that other people need to have such as car insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, and home or property insurance and more. They are all important and necessary.

Yes, there are many kinds of insurance though you cannot apply the insurance you want without a trusted agent you can consult with.  And if you are looking for a trusted insurance agency that can really give the complete security you need, don’t hesitate to visit the important sites of Rene Toman Insurance Agency. The Galveston Insurance agent are very  flexible and professional in helping you find the best policies for your needs of coverage for your automobiles and other vehicles, home and property and family life insurance.

Are you having trouble to continue your insurance, especially if you are in financial difficulties? In this case, you are really not sure for your future. But The Rene Toman Insurance Agency can help you regarding with this matter. They are merely aware and familiar with the discount options available. They can offer a very affordable and can give you special insurance discounts.

To help you determine your insurance needs, visit our website or contact us now! It’s time to protect your future!