Difference between Condo Insurance and Home Insurance


Most of the homeowners nowadays are already aware of home insurance that they really need it doesn’t matter what type and style of your home you have. Home owners insurance is critical and if you carry a mortgage is a requirement by the mortgage company, and rightly so. If something was to happen to your home and it was destroyed completely, someone would still need to pay for it. So, if home owners insurance were not required, you would have to pay for a home still that did not exist.

Yes, it is never too late to learn about various knowledge of home insurance like with policy of condo insurance. Condominiums and townhouses have special insurance needs. They don’t need as much insurance as a house, but owners have more to insure than a renter. The insurance needs for a condominium owner include personal property and liability coverage.

Yes, they are both important, but of course, we need to know the differences between the two of them, the condo and home insurance.

If you own a house, most of the dwelling units will usually cover everything about the structure of your home including your furniture, fixtures, etc. It includes the exterior walls and interior walls as well as things contained between them. On the other hand, if you own a condo, the dwelling limit usually covers only the wall studs of your own unit inward.

Home insurance usually have a policy that covers other structures of your home and will typically only cover a portion of the cost of damaged personal property within the home up to usually about half of what the home is valued. It has a big difference when it comes with the condo insurance that does not offer the same like the coverage of home insurance because your unit is part of a larger building. But it usually cover half about half of what the home is valued as well as with the personal belongings, such as your money, important documents, jewelries, etc.

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Common Types of Insurance

Photo credit: toddcarrinsurance.com

Photo credit: toddcarrinsurance.com

It is definitely difficult to face your future without any securities or benefits you can trust. How can you survive for your senior years if you don’t have any insurance? What if you don’t have any other savings or income after retirement? These are the possible questions you can consider if you need to life security.

An insurance is a contract (policy) in which an individual or entity financial protection or reimbursement against losses from an insurance company. But remember that prices vary from one insurance company to the next, so you must pick the right one for you.

There are possible insurances that we categorized into various types:

  • Personal Insurances. A kind of insurance purchased for personal or family protection purposes as contrasted with insurance of business property or interests. Its policy covered various categories, including old age or disability, unemployment or job retirement, occupational pension plan, accident, health, maternity, and income compensation ordinance.
  • Home Insurance. It is a form of property insurance designed to protect an individual’s home against damages to the house itself, or to possessions in the home. It also provides liability coverage against accident in the home or on the property as well as with the tenant if the property is a dwelling unit.
  • Auto Insurance. This is a kind of policy purchased by vehicle owners to lessen costs accomplice with getting into an unexpected event like car accident.
  • Travel Insurance. A kind of insurance designed to cover the costs and reduce the risk accomplices with unexpected events during the travel domestic or international.

Most of the common insurances nowadays are auto and home insurance. If you own a car or a new car owner it is probably needed to get an auto insurance. On the other hand, people who owned or renting a house should consider home insurance for their protection as well as with their family premises. When you purchase the kind of insurance you need, you secure peace of mind. You know that your family would be fully protected as well as with your properties and belongings. Life is so short and we cannot predict anything that would be occurred in our lives. So if you are still looking for a trusted Galveston County Windstorm Insurance in your region for your homes even you are just a renter, make sure that you will pick the right one to prevent serious problems or disappointments.

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Be Wise! Be secured With the Right Home Insurance!

Photo credit from www.bankingsense.com

Photo credit from http://www.bankingsense.com

Do you own the space where you are currently living? Are you buying a new house? Or are you just renting? Are you looking for a better benefit and policy as a homeowner? You probably need security for your peaceful way of living. Having home insurance is the best you really need to do for your home security as well as with your family.

Remember that your home is most likely the largest financial investment you’ve ever made. It’s where you and your family come and stay to rest, to relax and recharge, and to keep its members attachment. It is probably difficult to imagine of being a homeless that you mostly cry on every single minute of your day.

Being insured is the best satisfaction of your life. “Do I really need it?” This is just the common question some uninsured homeowners usually ask if they heard about home insurance or if someone persuades them to have it. Yes, it is definitely important to avoid regrets, especially for your family protection.

Weather, crime, water damage, and accidents can greatly affect or damage your home and your possessions. So you cannot control it from happening. Home Insurance can make sure your life goes on when devastation occurs, and can make sure you get the right coverage that best fits you need.

In the insurance business, insurance policy does not necessarily cover all risks. For example, in the different states of America, hurricane is one of the worst weather that can strongly give serious and major home damage.  The presence of hurricane demonstrable does not mean that the damage caused by the hurricane can cover everything, and even if damaged is caused by a risk covered by the policy, it may not be covered. In such a way, homeowners are much wiser today and level up their knowledge in purchasing home insurance.

In fact, many homeowners most likely to deal with local insurance agents in handling home insurance properly. One of the best local insurance you can find and trust is the Galveston Home Insurance.

To check the benefits and policy of Galveston home insurance, call Houston Auto and Home Insurance, now. Attentive professional consultant or agent can surely assist and provide you with the most affordable options for policies to get the coverage you need.

Pre-Disaster Financial Preparedness

photo from  hierl.com

photo from hierl.com

Catastrophes like hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and typhoons are inevitable. Since they usually strike with little or no warning, preparing for the unexpected is the key. Pre-disaster financial planning will go a long way in protecting your family from financial disaster. Why wait?  Here are some pre-disaster financial preparedness tips as suggested by a Galveston County windstorm insurance company.

  1. Involve the whole family in financial planning. Each family member should be properly briefed about what to do, where to go, and who to contact to finance them in the event of a calamity.
  1. Conduct a thorough household inventory. Record models, serial numbers, and costs of all properties. Should a disaster strike, this list will help you prove the value of what you owned if those possessions are destroyed. Make sure to leave a copy of your list with trusted relatives or friends living elsewhere in the country. You will need it in the event that your copy is lost.
  1. Prepare a durable and lockable evacuation box which you can easily grab in case of emergency. Make sure that the box contains all important financial documents — insurance policies, bank statements, income tax returns, Social Security System records, credit card account numbers, as well as legal documents such as birth certificates, marriage contracts, passports, deeds, wills, titles, and vehicle registration papers. Store it in a place that you can easily access.
  1. Try to set aside money in an emergency fund from which you may draw in times of crisis. Keep emergency money in an easily accessible account. Make sure that credit cards are properly paid off. You do not know when you will need to use them.
  1. Keep a back-up copy of all vital financial documents. Better yet, scan all important papers and keep them in a flash drive or in a secure online storage system.
  1. Make sure to have a list of all your financial contacts. In the event of a disaster, you can heave a sigh of relief knowing that you have those crucial contact numbers at your fingertips.
  1. Talk to a financial planner. Now may be the best time to obtain a life insurance policy. Ask yourself:  Do I have enough insurance coverage? Am I adequately covered in case of disability or injury? Reassess your insurance now. Do not wait for a disaster to happen.

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Interesting Insurance Stories You Have Never Heard Of

It is hard to predict your future. This is the reason why insurances exist. Insurance will ensure the protection of your home and your family, making it one of the necessities in life.

There are a lot of insurances out there – even equipment and gadgets are being insured nowadays. The Galveston insurance has different variations of their coverage, so anyone can obtain a rate that their clients can afford. However, even with flexible coverage, there are also claims that go beyond comprehension. In fact, it tickles the funny bones of some insurance companies.

Home And Auto Loan

Here are some surprising and interesting stories about insurance that will truly amuse you:

Christian-Centered Claims

Faith and religion somehow made it to the top of the outrageous claims list. One of the insurance provider experienced being asked to cover financial help in the second coming of Jesus Christ. This suggestion is from one of the customers who believe that one of their church members might immaculately conceive a child, Jesus Christ.

Wedding Party Insurance

Wedding parties are truly expensive and that is why many companies offer a wedding insurance. In this world where the fee of wedding planners skyrockets over the past few years, there is now an existing insurance that will cover the bride and the groom in case one of them leaves the altar. The coverage includes psychological test and counseling.

Spiritual Attack Insurance

This is a great insurance for people who are fond of watching horror and sci-fi movies. The ghostly, slimy creatures can no longer hide under the bed as there is a policy the covers for it. These policies are now offered by a few insurance providers – one of which claims selling 30,000 plans just for it! The insurance will cover those who may be a killed of wandering ghosts or bad spirits.

Meteor Collision

With all the scientific evidences of a meteor hitting the earth, the end of the world may truly be near. This made some insurance provider establish a policy to protect someone from getting hurt, or killed, with the earth-meteor collision.

These insurance claims and policies will truly tickle your funny bones but hey, there is no harm in getting one right? Just make sure to prioritize the basic Galveston insurance first.

What You Need To Know About Motorcycle Insurance

The increasing demands of motorcycles paved the way for insurance companies to create another kind of auto insurance, which is motorcycle insurance. However, not all companies offer the same coverage that is why it may be difficult to decide the best insurance for you. Motorcycle insurance is just as important as any other auto insurance in Houston. It is a way to protect you and your motorcycle in case something unlikable happens.


Motorcycle Insurance Coverage


The coverage of motorcycle insurance is just the same with any other auto insurance. However, for the sake of information, here is the different coverage offered:


  • Liability Insurance – this will cover the damages or injury on any properties at the owner’s fault. Accidents and collisions actually are more frequent in motorcycle owners than any other vehicles. This coverage is ideal to pay the damages caused by the owner without spending too much money. However, remember that this insurance will not cover the damages acquired by the owner – some policies cover the injuries inflicted to the passenger.


  • Collision Insurance – collision can happen anytime and anywhere. Collision insurance will assure the owner that the motorcycle will be covered in case accidents happened. The damage can be covered even if the owner is at fault.


  • Comprehensive Insurance – natural calamities and other accidents can inflict damages on the motorcycle. Having comprehensive insurance that covers these kinds of catastrophes is a definite advantage especially when the owner is residing in a location with drastic changes of weather. Other coverage provided by comprehensive insurance are vandalism, fire, theft or lost.


You can choose the coverage that will cater to your needs but ideally, you may want to be protected at all times. There are different companies that offer auto insurance in Houston and provide all types of coverage at an affordable rate. When looking for insurance companies, review the quotes that they provide and never be afraid to negotiate. It makes sense to only pay what you can afford so you will not have to work hard to make ends meet. 

Why Everyone Needs Home Insurance

Everyone wants to be protected at all times. Even valuables like jewelries, gadgets, and vehicles are to be safeguarded from theft, lost, or damage. This is especially true among people who own a home, mortgaging a house, or renting a space. A threat to a property is always feared as it harms the people and the valuables in it. That is why it is important to consider a home insurance, such as Galveston Home Insurance, to protect you from any threats.

house (1)

A home insurance is important for anyone who owns a residential property. Owning one assures you of a reasonable compensation in case any damage is done to your home. Basically, you have two reasons of having a home insurance. First, your house is protected in terms of its home structure. Second, it offers liability protection to the people you care the most. Your family, friends, and the people who matters in your life may get harmed once your house is put under threat.

If you are paying monthly mortgages to own a property, the more you need home insurance. The reason behind this is that you are required to own home insurance once you decide to mortgage a home. While it is typical to pay for the required insurance, you can actually save more money by acquiring one on your own. Mortgagers usually offer more expensive home insurance and you can actually confirm that by comparing other home insurance. In case you lapse, the mortgage can be used to pay for the premium.

The cost of a home insurance depends on the company that you opted for. Commonly, you are to spend about $700 annually. This is reasonable enough to get you protected as you can spend more than a million in case your house gets damaged. Galveston Home Insurance offers comprehensive packages at a reasonable amount you can afford. Many people have been satisfied with their service and this could be your chance of living a worry-free life.

A home insurance is a must and you need to own one as soon as you can. Be in touch with the home insurance experts today. Visit http://www.houstonautoandhomeinsurance.com/home-owner-rental-windstorm-insurance.html.